Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Outer Court

Welcome to the official blog for Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte-Sovereign Rite of Misraim. We are a sovereign and independent lodge of Freemasons. Based in North America but utilizing
all that web 2.0 has to offer in order to service seekers worldwide with Masonic light.

Here you will find all public bulletins and breaking news when it comes to our Brotherhood.
We are very excited about what the future will bring and we are also happy to share with those of you outside our Brotherhood what we can.

While we do appreciate the comments and views of others we do have simple guidelines when it comes to posting comments on this blog.

1.) Please remember that we are a society of gentlemen and ladies. Please address us as so. All rude and disruptive heckling will not be tolerated. We have a zero tolerance policy here.

2.) We do not as lodge policy give out any membership information in regards to Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte. This includes all past, present and future membership. We give out no names, no affiliations or any other information whatsoever. For the sake of redundancy please; do not ask these types of questions.

3.) Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte is 100% free and sovereign from any foreign influence. We are not subject to any other organizations rules and regulations, nor are we dependant on any other in any way. The membership of our Brotherhood is 100% responsible for our affairs, nothing is open to outside influence. With that being said, this blog is the only official source of public information in regards to our lodge.

With these things in mind we offer to you a hearty welcome. Please, follow this blog for the latest news and updates on our Brotherhood. Things are moving very quickly under our Post-Modern framework and we would love to be able to keep all who are interested "in the loop."

Frater Raum Sariel
Lodge Secretary
Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte
Sovereign Rite of Misraim
Post-Modern Freemasons

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