Friday, May 15, 2009

Offcial Policy on Masonic Regularity

Dear Readers,
There may be no greater source of stress, strife and confusion amongst the Masonic family that the topic and practice of regularity. It has become all to apparent that most Masons do not understand the policy of regularity, but instead they use it as either a description for themselves or as ammunition against others. This post will hopefully clarify some of the confusion as well as outline Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte's official stance on the subject.

Regularity is a term used to define how a Masonic lodge is to operate. These are most often coined under the term Ancient Landmarks. Best Practices if you will. It is also used as weather or not from a distance one Masonic organization can tell if their own Best Practices are compatible with another. That being said, regularity is strictly determined within each organization, not bestowed from without. This is a vital point of individual order (or as in our case Lodge) Masonic practice of absolute sovereignty.

It is well understood and respected that there is no central authority for Freemasonry. No governing central body in which all would reside. This has set up literally hundreds of Orders and independent lodges who are within their rights (under Masonic custom) to determine themselves regularity.

When we take this to a specific point and define what is regular under Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte we get these definite points. Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte is a Sovereign lodge under the Post-Modern Masonic platform. The membership has defined (through unanimous vote) that in order for a Masonic organization or lodge to be considered regular under our Best Practices (Landmarks) that they must:

Have no bias based on gender or race.

Have no bias based on religion or lack of religion.

Have no bias based on sexual orientation.

In our opinion these are base fundamentals. As we have defined this amongst ourselves and seeing how this is our Masonic right as a Sovereign and Self-Determined Independent Masonic Lodge we, Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte are a regular Masonic body. We believe that as Post-Modern Freemasons we are not bound by a static system that does not grow, breathe and change. To be fluid is essential to the Post-Modern platform.

Frater Raum Sariel 3°
Lodge Secretary
Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte
Sovereign Rite of Misraim
Post-Modern Freemasons

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