Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Re-Creating" Freemasonry in Our Own Image

I read on an institutionalized Masonic forum this morning an accusation that I have had against me before but never really thought seriously about until now. This accusation of course was levied against all non "mainstream" Masons, not just Post-Moderns.

I stood back, looked at this and realized to myself that this time our critic is 100% correct.

Speaking from the Post-Modern Masonic perspective we are absolutely creating the flavor of Freemasonry we want to ingest. Gender-Equal, Adogmatic yet Occult, deeply magickal and operational in base yet philosophic. The encouragement of the creation of new Rites as well preservation and re-establishment of the old. Sure, you could say that we are "recreating" Freemasonry.

At the same time isn't this a "traditional" practice?

When we look at history what do we find? The York Masons diverged the Stonemasons. The Moderns diverged from the Yorks. The Antients diverged from the Moderns. The Post-Modern now diverge from the Moderns, Antients and Yorks.

I will write a paper more in depth on this subject sometime but isn't "recreating" Freemasonry in our own image the whole point? Aren't the needs of seekers and of society vastly different today than they where in 1717? Aren't both adaptation and evolution required for species survival?

I would love to read the thoughts of our forum on this subject.

Love and Light,

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