Monday, December 14, 2009


Brethren and Friends,
I know activity on this blog has not only been slow, it's been zero. This does not reflect the activity level of Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte, even more importantly, the movement within the Post-Modern Freemasonic world.

Tons of activity. Where to begin. We have started an initiative to establish new Post-Modern lodges on a local level. The original idea was to have Lodge Napoleon Bonaparte to serve all sincere seekers around the globe. While this is still a reality it is not the only reality. We realize the demand for local groups to be able to come together as a lodge and we would be foolish not to service the demand at that level.

So, what we have is the It Takes Three Initiative. This allows a lodge to be fully functional and independent with only three officers, instead of the traditional seven. As a result we have several Rites and rituals that are fully operation at that level with more on the way.
The good news is also more and more Masons are showing reception to the Post-Modern Masonic movement. We now have a cooperative of lodges around the world with more coming every day.

These include:

Lodge Ptah (Atlanta, GA)
Lodge Herra (Bay Area, CA)
Lodge of Nine Tears (Miami, FL)
Lodge Via Hermeticae (Mexico City, Mexico)
Lodge Corazon (Mexico City, Mexico)
Lodge Human Stones (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Lodge Helios (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Lodge Morganrote (Dortmund, Germany)
Lodge Ojo De Horus (Ecuador)

Also lodges are in the process of forming in France, Belgium, Italy, Sacramento, Charlotte North Carolina, Washington, DC and Rogers Arkansas.

We are also establishing a special Lodge of research. Lodge John Yarker. This will allow all Post-Modern Freemasons and members of academia to work together in Masonic, esoteric and occult research.

As you all now know we have been extremely busy. We have also established official relationships with the Order of Masonry Memphis Misriam Mixed of Ecuador and Portugal.


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